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Human Resources Intern

Internship Cycle

Summer 2021





Carlos Albizu University


Overall experience with Interview Match: Interview Match is a group of very passionate and dedicated individuals. Interview Matchy committed to helping people of all backgrounds making their career dreams become a reality. The working atmosphere is relaxed and friendly but very professional. I have found my working experience with them to be truly rewarding as I have grown professionally and personally while working at Interview Match. Juan and Hector really care for their interns and want us to learn as much as possible while working in the company.

Responsibilities as an Intern: As a Human Resources Intern, some of my primary responsibilities are participating in the entire recruitment process, which includes but was not limited to screening candidates, scheduling, doing candidate interviews, and participating in orientation. Another side of my tasks as an HR Intern includes scheduling and participating in training and development opportunities for employees and interns.

What I have learned in this internship: During this internship, I have learned both soft and hard skills. I have learned to appreciate other people's working styles and communicate promptly and adequately with my co-workers and supervisors. I have also learned to use tools such as Google Suites and Calendly and effectively schedule and plan for training and necessary meetings.

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